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100% Naturel

icon-whylist.png Effective against bacteria

icon-whylist.png Easy to use

icon-whylist.png 100% Natural

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icon-whylist.png Without Chlorine / Bromine / Ph

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Product information "SpaBalancer Starter Set"

The SpaBalancer starter kit consists of:

    • 1 bottle SpaBalancer
    • 1 bottle SpaBalancer UltraShock
    • 1 bottle FilterClean Classic filter cleaner
    • 1 test stripes
    • 1 bottle SoftWater
    • 1 bottle pH-Minus liquid
    • 1 electronic pH tester with calibration solution for pH meters
    • 1 magic cleaning cloth

And all in our special design burlap bag!

Product information "SpaBalancer"

SpaBalancer is an innovative, all-organic, chlorine-free product that allows you to keep your spa clean, clean and odor free. Thanks to SpaBalancer, the water in your spa is particularly soft and the itching is nothing but a bad memory! With it, no more irritations: your skin is naturally protected against acidity and no longer dries. Even if you have sensitive skin or atopic dermatitis, you can now enjoy your spa again. SpaBalancer transforms the limescale in the water, protecting the mechanics of your spa that you can keep much longer, while sparing you the costly repairs related to scaled pumps or corroded heaters. Even the cushions and insulation cover of your spa will last much longer, no longer being exposed to the aggressive vapors of disinfectant products. Instead of changing the water in your spa every two to four months, SpaBalancer allows you to use your spa longer. Thus, you take care of the environment while saving both your energy and your money.

The benefits of SpaBalancer:

  • An extremely simple water treatment: a measuring cup per week.
  • SpaBalancer preserves the natural pH of the water and works at any pH level.
  • Works whatever the hardness of the water.
  • The spa water is completely odorless.
  • No more limescale and impurities above the waterline.
  • You will never need to put cream: the water is nice and soft, while respecting the skin.
  • No more skin problems: no itching or tingling. You can enjoy your spa even if you have atopic dermatitis.
  • No more red or irritated eyes.
  • No breathing problems.
  • No need to shower to get rid of the smell of chlorine after swimming.
  • The cushions, the insulating cover and the plastic shell of the spa are no longer attacked.
  • No need to change the water frequently: once a year is enough.
  • In case of non-use (eg if you go on vacation), the water stays crystal clear for more than four weeks - without you having to add SpaBalancer during this time.

Softub and inflatable jacuzzis
New filling
1) After filling, pour 60 ml of SpaBalancer Ultrashock into the water.
2) The next day, pour 100 ml of SpaBalancer into the water. You can use the hot tub directly after the payment of SpaBalancer.
Weekly dose: 40 ml of SpaBalancer and 50 ml of SpaBalancer Ultrashock.
As Softub filtering is reduced in hot weather, it may be necessary to increase the amount of Ultrashock.
Then pour twice a week 40 ml of SpaBalancer Ultrashock into the water. Do not pour SpaBalancer and Ultrashock at the same time.
Always start with Ultrashock and the next day pour SpaBalancer.
The quantities indicated can be increased or decreased as needed.
This base is for use 4 times a week with 2 people. Mix SpaBalancer thoroughly before use. Ultrashock loses about 8% of its effectiveness per month. Adjust the quantities if necessary.

Cleaning the filters

Filters should be cleaned twice a week for the first two weeks and then as needed, but at least every two weeks. You need a second spare filter.
1) Place the filter in a suitable container and the replacement filter in the basin.
2) Pour 100 ml of SpaBalancer Filter Cleaner for 10 liters of water. Water must cover the filter.
3) You must leave the filter immersed in the cleaning solution overnight.
4) Rinse the filter thoroughly. Filter cleaner residue can cause foam to form in the spa.
5) Optional (for optimal cleaning): pour 25 ml of Ultrashock for 10 liters of water. Place the filter in this liquid, leave it overnight, then rinse thoroughly.

SpaBalancer is not a biocide and should always be used with Ultrashock or any other approved biocide in the country concerned.